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BVD National Reference Laboratory

Under the BVD Regulations 2014 (SI 118 of 2014), which came into effect on March 7th 2014, the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory of the Department of Agriculture Food & the Marine is the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for BVD.

Main duties of the BVD NRL include:

  • Review the technical performance criteria of a designated laboratory or an applicant and report its findings and recommendations to the Implementation Group and the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
  • Provide for the evaluation of test-kits used in the diagnosis of bovine viral diarrhoea and make information in this regard available to the operators of designated laboratories,
  • Provide for ongoing evaluation of tests, examinations and analyses carried out at designated laboratories,
  • Issue directions regarding tests, examinations and analyses to the operators of designated laboratories,
  • Engage in such other activities as the Implementation Group may request.