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BVD Eradication Programme

Testing to provide confirmation of BVD status

The compulsory BVD national eradication programme launched on January 1st 2013.

Further details of the programme are available here.

The Veterinary Laboratory Service (VLS) is involved in testing only serum samples from calves and dams to confirm their BVD virus status following initial ear tag testing of the calf.

Ear tags will not be tested and should not be sent to any of the VLS sites.

Any serum samples being sent for confirmatory BVD virus testing should be directly sent to Sligo RVL.

All submission processing and reporting duties related to the BVD programme are being handled by Sligo RVL.

All paperwork related to the programme is maintained in Sligo RVL, queries on paperwork should be directed to Sligo RVL.

Programme serum samples sent to any of the other VLS sites, including Backweston, will be repackaged and sent to Sligo RVL for processing. As this only adds unnecessary delays, it is discouraged.

In order to maintain maximum throughput, programme samples can be tested for BVD virus only.

If there is any doubt as to the correct identification of samples sent for BVD virus testing, resample and send a fresh submission.

If there are strong suspicions of clinical BVD infection despite initial negative results, resample and send a fresh submission.

There is no charge for any of the BVD confirmatory testing, as outlined above.

In addition to simple positive and negative results, a number of other recurring results have occurred during the course of the programme.

See BVD Programme Submission Note Explanations (pdf 296Kb) for details.

Other Testing

From 2015 onwards, all clinical diagnostic samples identified submitted to the RVLs which are tested for BVD virus, as part of ongoing clinical or post-mortem investigations, will have all the results of these tests recorded on the ICBF database. Please note that only samples identified with full DAFM ear tags can be processed and tested.

Transfer of VLS BVD results to ICBF

Results for samples submitted as part of the BVD national eradication programme are automatically transferred to ICBF.

In a limited number of cases, it may also be necessary to transfer some non-programme VLS BVD laboratory test results to ICBF. 

In such cases, complete the below submission form and send to the relevant, acting RVL.