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Cork Blood Testing Laboratory

Cork Blood Testing Laboratory,
Model Farm Road,
T12 DK73.
  • Tel:  +353 (0)21 4819900
  • Fax: +353 (0)21 4545697

The Blood Testing Laboratory, Cork acts as the National Reference Laboratory for brucellosis serology and its main work centres on the National Brucellosis Eradication Scheme for Brucella abortus in the cattle herd.  As well as the routine annual herd testing, private samples are also tested for sale, export, post abortion and pre and post movement purposes.  Schemes also exist for the blood testing of cull cows at the factories and the monthly testing of bulk milk tank samples of all dairy herds on samples collected by the dairy co-ops.

The majority of bovine bloods are tested for B. abortus and are initially screened using the microtitre serum agglutination test (MSAT) and suspicious results confirmed using the Complement Fixation Test (CFT) and indirect Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (iELISA).  Haemolysed blood samples and those from cull cows are screened with the iELISA.  Other tests used in special cases are the Rose Bengal Test (RBT), the competitive ELISA and the Fluorescence Polarisation Assay (FPA).  The milk samples are tested using an iELISA on whey.