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Animal Health & Welfare

Fallen Animals

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Notice to Farm Bodies regarding the operation of the Fallen Animal Scheme

With effect from Wednesday 15th April 2009 the rate to be paid to Animal Collectors for the collection of over 48 month bovine animals is €54.03.

Farmers are reminded of the legal requirement that other animals which die on farms must also generally be disposed of through rendering plants.

Farmers may continue to use the existing collection network or, in the alternative, may transport dead animals by prior arrangement to approved plants, provided they transport the carcasses in leak-proof, covered containers or vehicles.

The burial of animals that die on farm regardless of age is precluded unless the farmer has a burial licence issued by the local District Veterinary Office. Such licences can only be issued in respect of fallen animals in remote areas i.e. listed islands, boglands and mountains.

All keepers of bovine animals are reminded of the legal requirement to notify movements of all bovines (live and dead) off their holdings to the Department.