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Fallen Animals

The objective of the Fallen Animal Scheme for TSE Testing and Fallen Farm Stock is the is to facilitate the collection and testing of over 48 month fallen TSE tested bovine animals where required by EU Regulations and to facilitate the collection and disposal of Fallen Farm Stock in accordance with EU Animal By-products (ABP) legislation. 

This 2019 amendment facilitates the collection and disposal of Fallen Farm Stock (fallen bovines under 48 months not subject to TSE testing, sheep and goats).  This TSE Testing element of the Scheme remains unchanged.

Participation by animal collectors in the Scheme for Fallen Farm Stock is voluntary.

Responsibilities of the Farmer/Keeper

Farmers/Keepers are taken to mean any person in the livestock sector responsible for animals whether on a temporary or on a permanent basis, including during transportation or at a market.

A farmer must contact an Animal Collector as soon as possible after the discovery of the death of an animal and take note of the date and time of notification.  A list of authorised Animal Collectors is available from Departmental Regional Veterinary Offices (RVO) or by contacting the Fallen Animals Section at (053) 9163437.

Carcases awaiting collection must be held in such a way that other animals cannot gain access to them.  They should be held securely in an enclosed building, or in an area away from livestock under a suitable cover, such as a tarpaulin.

Details of animals must be recorded on the NBAS 31D form which is supplied by the Animal Collector.  The farmer/keeper must sign and date the form and return it to the Animal Collector. Farmers must surrender the passport for all bovines for collection to the Animal Collector. 

All adult bovines and sheep older than 9 months of age collected must be identified.  If an animal has lost all official tags, the Animal Collector will use a temporary tag.  In the case of over 18-month sheep, the farmer must complete a FAL 2 form supplied by the Animal Collector.

Note that burials of fallen cattle, sheep and goats is not permitted.  In exceptional circumstances the farmer must seek a licence issued by the Minister.

Collection Fees

Under the Terms of Fallen animal scheme 2, the farmer will pay a fee to the Animal Collector in respect of the collection service provided and the maximum amounts that can be charged are:




Max Collection Fee


+ 48 months



24-48 months



12-24 months



6-12 months



3-6 months



0-3 months






  • The collection fee for over 48 month bovines remains unchanged at €54.03.

List of animal collectors participating in the Fallen Animal Schemes for TSE Testing and Fallen Farm Stock