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Classic Swine Fever Contingency Plan

Download CSF Contingency Plan (pdf 1,961Kb) 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Legal powers
  • Section 2: Financial provisions
  • Section 3: The chain of command
  • Section 4: The National Disease Control Centre (NDCC)
  • Section 5: The Local Disease Control Centre (LDCC)
  • Section 6: Environmental co-ordination
  • Section 7: CSF expert group
  • Section 8: Resources (personnel, laboratories, equipment)
  • Section 9: Standing instructions
  • Section 10: Emergency vaccination
  • Section 11: Training programmes and awareness
  • Section 12: Multiple outbreaks
  • Section 13: Mass disposal
  • Section 14: Rendering plants


  • Annex 1A: NDCC contact details
  • Annex 1B: Management structure of the NDCC in 'peacetime'
  • Annex 1C: Management structure of the NDCC in a CSF crisis
  • Annex 1D: Central Decision-Making Unit (CDU) in a CSF crisis
  • Annex 2A: List of District Veterinary offices (DVOs)
  • Annex 2B: Map showing location of DVOs
  • Annex 2C: Management structure of an LDCC
  • Annex 3A: Staff with experience in pig bleeding
  • Annex 3B: Staff with experience of CSF outbreaks
  • Annex 4: Staff who have received training in CSF control and epidemiology
  • Annex 5: List of contents of the emergency 'yellow-pack'
  • Annex 6A: Contents of the CSF Operations Manual
  • Annex 6B: Relevant chapters of the FMD Operations Manual
  • Annex 7A: Map showing location of pig farms
  • Annex 7B: Chart showing number of pig farms in each county
  • Annex 7C: Chart showing number of pigs in each county
  • Annex 7D: Chart showing density of pigs in each county
  • Annex 7E: Map showing density of pigs in each county
  • Annex 8: Map showing ADNS codes for each county
  • Annex 9: List of abbreviations
  • Annex 10A: Epidemiology report - suspect premises
  • Annex 10B: Epidemiology report - infected premises

Annexes (pdf 473Kb)