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Chapter 3: Slaughter Plants and Pig Meat Establishments

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1. Contingencies during 'peacetime'

2. Suspect CSF in the live animal or carcase

3. CSF confirmed in a slaughter plant

4. Vehicle cleaning and disinfection during a CSF outbreak

5. Tracing of meat from an infected premises to a slaughter plant

6. Intra-community trade in pig meat, minced meat and meat preparations

7. Intra-community trade in pig meat products

Annex 1 - Flow diagram for suspect CSF in a slaughter plant

Annex 2 - Incident Report Form

Annex 3 - Risk assessment of vehicles and personnel

Annex 4 - List of vehicles/personnel that have left the plant

Annex 5 - List of vehicles/personnel that are still present in the plant

Annex 6 - Use of forms/notices in a slaughter plant

Annex 7A - Treatment of meat to ensure destruction of CSF virus (until 1/1/2005)

Annex 7B - Rules applicable to meat from animals originating in holdings/areas under animal health restrictions from 1/1/2005 (2002/99/EC)