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Sheep Dispatch Documents

A Dispatch/Movement Document completed by the owner of the sheep must accompany sheep moving off the holding, throughout their movement. The Dispatch/Movement Document is a personalised three-part document issued in the name and address of the flock owner and containing a pre-printed Herd/Flock Number, Serial Number and Sheep Designator. The Dispatch/Movement Document must be signed by the Flock keeper off whose holding the sheep are being moved.  In addition the blank areas of the Document must be completed by the owner of the sheep, indicating the number of sheep being moved, the individual tag number of each sheep in the consignment being moved and the Herd/Flock number of the farm or (in the case of a slaughter plant or mart) the name and address of the holding to which the sheep have been consigned.

It is important that farmers moving sheep from their holding ensure that the Dispatch Document that accompanies each load leaving the holding is the most up-to-date version of the Dispatch Document.

Under no circumstances should farmers use obsolete or outdated versions of the Dispatch Documents.

The Dispatch/Movement Document is a three-part document:

  • The White (top) must accompany all sheep moving off farm and be retained by the purchaser,
  • The Pink (middle) copy should also accompany the sheep if they are being sold in a mart and retained by the mart for their records
  • The Yellow (bottom) copy must be retained by the seller for their own records.

To order Dispatch Document books please contact the local office of the Department in which you are registered as a flock owner.  As books need to be personalised with your details please order at least 1 month in advance of when your require additional supplies.