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Identification of Goats

Goats must be tagged in accordance with the rules set down under the National Goat Identification System and only tags that have been approved for use under the NGIS may be used.

The identification requirements for goats as outlined here applies to goats born after 1 January 2010.  The requirements for goats born prior to 21 Jan 2010 continue to be the NGIS rules that were in force at that time.In general the identification requirements for goats born after 1 January 2010 are a follows:

  • All goats must be tagged by 6 months of age or on leaving the holding of birth, whichever comes first. All goats must be double tagged (i.e. a tag in each ear) with conventional tags both of which must bear the same 12 digit number which includes the goat designator of the holding of birth and an individual goat ID number.  In general both tags on a goat will be green.
  • Live Trade - Goats engaged in intra-community trade or third country exports must be double tagged with a conventional tag in the left ear, bearing a 12 digit number, and either a ruminal bolus or an electronic tag in the right ear, bearing an identical 12 digit tag number to the conventional tag.   In general both tags on a goat fitted with an electronic tag will be green.  The tag on a goat fitted with a ruminal bolus will be light blue. 

On tags that have been approved for use under the NGIS may be used to tag goats in accordance with NGIS requirements:Approved Tag Suppliers for the National Sheep and Goat Identification Systems (NSIS and NGIS) (pdf 107Kb)