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National Goat Identification System (NGIS)

The EU-wide system for the identification and registration of ovine (sheep) and caprine (goats) animals are set down under Council Regulation (EC) No 21/2004 of 17 December 2003 (as amended).  These rules are implemented in respect of goats in Ireland under the National Goat Identification System (NGIS).  The system is based on:

  • Double tagging of all goats by the age of six months or on movement from the holding, whichever comes first;
  • Use of herd registers to record details of numbers of goats on the holding and details of movements;
  • Use of dispatch documents to record movements.


Any person who holds or keeps goats in the State must apply for registration of the holding to the local District Veterinary Office of the Department for the area in which the holding is situated.

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New Tag Numbering for Goats from 13 May 2010

In order to comply with the provisions of EU Council Regulation (EC) No 21/2004 of 17 December 2003 as amended it was necessary for Ireland to make some changes to the National Goat Identification System (NGIS).  These changes were to facilitate the introduction of Electronic Identification (EID) for sheep and goats across the EU.  They entailed moving to a new tag numbering system for goats from 13 May 2010 and the allocation of new designators to all goat herd owners also from that date.   

Under EU rules EID of goats became mandatory for goats born after 31 December 2009 except in Member States where the goat population is less than 160,000.  As the goat population in Ireland in less than 160,000 it has been decided that Electronic Identification (EID) for goats will be optional except in the case of goats engaged in live export trade.

Click here for further details of the New tag numbering system and changes to the NGIS (doc 43Kb) 

Further information on any aspect of the NGIS may be obtained by contacting the NGIS Helpline on 0761 064407 or by contacting your Local District Veterinary Office or by writing to the following address:

National Goat Identification System Unit
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,
Backweston Campus,
Youngs Cross,
Co. Kildare

NGIS Helpline: 0761 064407