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Calf-Reg App

 Calf-Reg is a free, easy to use app that enables farmers to register calves conveniently from their smartphones.

Increase your productivity by completing Calf registrations in just a few clicks wherever you are.

Connected to your AgFood account, Calf-Reg allows you to complete the following tasks:

  • Create, Save and Submit Calf Registrations directly to AIM.
  • View Registrations includes those Not Sent, Awaiting Registration and Recent Registrations that have been completed in the last 30 days.
  • Stored Data allows you to view the Tag Number, Date of Birth and Breed of all female animals in your herd, along with all Unused Tags currently available to you.
  • The app works offline so that you may record registrations and submit them later when you have internet access.

As well as completing basic calf registrations, Calf-Reg also records Genetic Details such as Genetic Dam, Sire Tag number, AI Code and Calving Survey.

AIM Calf-Reg App Login Tutorial

AIM Calf-Reg App Registration Tutorial

Calf-Reg app can be found here:

Play Store click here (

App Store click here

2020 Calf Reg App Manual