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Butter and SMP Intervention Sales

Procedures for the Sale of Butter held in Intervention Storage in Ireland under of Commission Regulations (EC) 1272/2009 (doc 60Kb) 


The intervention system is designed to support prices for basic products by removing surpluses of butter and SMP from the market. From March to August, intervention purchasing for butter is triggered in an EU Member State when the market price falls below 92% of the butter intervention price for two weeks in succession. Butter is bought only when the facility is open at 90% of the intervention price. Buying-in will cease once the quantities offered Community-wide exceed 30,000 tonnes. In such cases, buying-in may take place using a tendering system. Intervention purchasing of butter is suspended when the reported market price for butter is equal to or higher than 92% of intervention price for two consecutive weeks. Intervention buying-in for SMP operates from March to August each year. Quantities up to a limit of 109,000 tonnes per year may be purchased at the intervention price - thereafter a tendering system may apply.

Further information on the Intervention Schemes may be obtained from On-Farm Investment, Subsidies and Storage Division, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co Wexford. Tel: 053 9165563