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Feed Materials

The term "feed materials" covers straight feedingstuffs intended for feeding as such to animals and also feed ingredients intended for use in the manufacture of compound feeds.

The Directive on feed materials 96/25/EC (pdf 246Kb)   was replaced by Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 (pdf 913Kb)  with effect from 01 September 2010. This legislation is concerned mainly with the labelling of products put into circulation, and is intended to ensure transparency in the market place and to prevent fraud. A non-exclusive list of the main feed materials used in animal nutrition is set out in the Catalogue of Feed Materials. A revised Catalogue will be published shortly by the EU Commission and will include a more comprehensive listing of feed materials, together with a description of the product and also the compulsory declarations of analytical characteristics (e.g. crude protein, etc), that must accompany traded consignments of feed materials. In practice, the list will cover virtually all feed materials marketed for feeding to animals in Ireland.

Traceability is important and, in addition to the customary labelling particulars, a feed material may not be marketed unless accompanied by a batch or lot number, which enables the material to be traced back to the consignment imported or, in the case of native feed materials, to the store from which it was delivered.

Other relevant EU Legislation

National Legislation