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Indicative List of Agri-Tax Measures

An indicative list of agri-tax measures that are available to the farming sector (updated for changes introduced in Budget 2015) are listed here. Brief explanations on each of the measures are available to view by clicking on the title of the four main headings under which they are listed. Please note that these do not purport to give a definitive legal interpretation of the various measures and individuals may wish to seek professional advice if availing of them.

Income Tax Measures

Exemption of Certain Income from Leasing of Farm Land

Income Averaging Farming

Capital Allowances

  • Capital Allowance for Farm Buildings and Other Works
  • Capital Allowance for Milk Quota Purchase

Relief for Increase in Carbon Tax on Farm Diesel

Stock Relief

  • 25% General Stock Relief on Income Tax
  • 100% Stock Relief on Income Tax for Certain Young Trained Farmers
  • 50% Stock Relief on Income Tax for Registered Farm Partnerships
  • Relief for Stock Transfer due to discontinued Farming Trade

Profits from Occupation of Woodlands

Special Treatment of Profits from Compulsory Disposal of Livestock

  • Income Averaging for Compulsory Disposal of Livestock
  • Stock Relief for Compulsory Disposal of Livestock

Capital Gains Tax Measures

Retirement Relief from Capital Gains Tax

  • Retirement Relief from CGT – Parent to child transfers
  • Retirement Relief from CGT – Transfers other than to a child

Capital Gains Tax Relief on Farm Restructuring

Capital Gains Tax Relief for Transfer of a Site from Parent to Child

Capital Gains Tax Relief for Woodlands

Stamp Duty Measures

Stamp Duty Consanguinity Relief on Non-Residential Transfers

Stamp Duty Exemption on Transfers of Land to Young Trained Farmers

Stamp Duty Exemption for Certain Family Transfers

Stamp Duty Relief for Commercial Woodlands

Stamp Duty Exemption on Single Farm Payment Entitlements

Capital Acquisition Tax Measures

Agriculture Relief from Capital Acquisition Tax

Capital Gains Tax /Capital Acquisition Tax “same event” relief

Lower interest rate on installment payments for Capital Acquisition Tax due on gifts/inheritances of agricultural property