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Food Industry Development, Trade, Markets & the Economy

The Agri-Food sector is export-orientated, and we export almost 90% of the food we produce. Exports of Agri-Food products in 2019 were valued at €14.5 billion, an 63% increase from €8.9 billion in 2010. In 2019 Agri-Food exports represented 9.5% of Irish merchandising exports and 11% of imports. The global food market of the future will be marked by increasing population growth and prosperity in developing countries.  Consumers increasingly demand assurances of safety, nutritional value and sustainable production methods for the food they consume; as well as greater choice and convenience in food products. The Irish agri-food sector is well placed to meet these demands, but will need to remain focused on sustainability, competitiveness and innovation in order to grow existing and new markets’.