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2025 Agri-Food Strategy Background Material

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is currently preparing a national strategy for the Agri-Food Sector up to 2025 which will outline the key actions required to ensure that the agri-food sector (primary agriculture, the food and beverage industry, fisheries and fish processing, forestry and forestry processing) maximises its contribution to overall economic growth, job creation and environmental sustainability over the coming decade and builds upon the progress achieved under Food Harvest 2020. This Strategy will be developed by a Committee of leading figures from the agri-food sector.

The agri-food sector continues to play an integral part in Ireland’s economic recovery and is our largest indigenous industry, contributing €26 billion in turnover and generating 12.3% of merchandise exports. The sector accounts for around 170,000 jobs or 9% of total employment, and makes a particularly significant contribution to employment in rural areas. Food and Beverage exports increased to a record value of €10 billion in 2013 representing an increase of 9% on the previous year and a 40% increase since 2009.

The 2025 Agri-Food Strategy Committee report will be short and specific and will focus on recommendations addressed to all the key players in the sector. It is not expected to contain detailed analysis of the sector but rather will draw on analysis already prepared, including the background papers and such additional material as the 2025 Agri-Food Strategy Committee considers relevant.

It is currently anticipated that the draft 2025 Agri Food Strategy Committee Report will be presented to the Minister by the end of June 2015.

Any queries and completed questionnaires should be forwarded to

The closing date for Public Consultation is Friday the 9th January 2015.


Background Documents

  1. Milestones 2014 Report (pdf 5,376Kb)   
  2. Meat (doc 652Kb)   
  3. Dairy (doc 297Kb)   
  4. Cereals, Horticulture and Organics (doc 1,049Kb)   
  5. Food, Beverages, Nutrition & Prepared Consumer Foods (doc 101Kb)  
  6. Research and Innovation (doc 489Kb)     
  7. Forestry Programme 2014-2020 (pdf 4,146Kb) 
  8. Public & Animal Health (doc 221Kb)  
  9. Climate Change & Sustainability (doc 217Kb)  
  10. Farm incomes, farm structures and Agri Taxation (doc 966Kb)  
  11. Drivers and scenarios of land use change in Ireland (doc 2,101Kb)  
  12. Origin Green/Pathways (doc 241Kb)   
  13. Food Industry Review (doc 147Kb)   
  14. Seafood (doc 694Kb)   
  15. Marine Research (doc 428Kb) 


Public Consultation Submissions Received

Notice of Consultation for Scoping of Environmental Report for Agri-Food Strategy 2025

Draft Environmental Analysis of Food Wise 2025