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Please note that this section of the website is being developed and does not as yet display all the Shellfish Licences.  All licences are available by contacting Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division, National Seafood Centre, Clonakilty, Co. Cork


Killary Harbour

AQ637 T9-51A Killary Shellfish Ltd (pdf 5,515Kb) 

AQ638 T9-51B Killary Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,458Kb) 

AQ639 T9-57A Killary Fjord Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,455Kb) 

AQ640 T9-76A Belenos Seafoods Ltd (pdf 6,406Kb) 

AQ 641 T9-76B Belenos Seafoods Ltd (pdf 6,277Kb) 

AQ 642 T9-135 Coleman McDonagh (pdf 3,584Kb)  

AQ 643 T9-171A John Coyne (pdf 6,737Kb)   

AQ 644 T9-171B John Coyne (pdf 6,643Kb)   

AQ 645 T9-175A Killary Fjord Shellfish LTD (pdf 7,140Kb)   

AQ 646 T9 175B Killary Fjord Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,551Kb)   

AQ 647 T9-175C Killary Fjord Shellfish (pdf 6,786Kb)   

AQ 648 T9-175D Killary Fjord Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,796Kb)   

AQ 649 T9-184A Kevin Lydon (pdf 6,392Kb)   

AQ 650 T9-184B Kevin Lydon (pdf 6,403Kb)   

AQ 651 T9-651 Killary Fish Farming Co-Op Soc. Ltd (pdf 6,660Kb)   

AQ 652 T9-199B Killary Fish Farming Co-Op Soc. Ltd (pdf 6,422Kb)   

AQ 653 T9-308A Michael Lydon (pdf 6,570Kb)   

AQ 654 T9-308B Michael Lydon (pdf 6,553Kb)   

AQ 655 T9-363 Eddie Nee (pdf 6,584Kb)   

AQ 656 T9-396B Brian Spellman (pdf 6,475Kb)   

AQ 657 T9-341A John Ruddy (pdf 2,066Kb)   

AQ 658 T9-341B John Ruddy (pdf 6,597Kb) ‌