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Roaringwater Bay

AQ 712 T05-499 N1 Patrick Murphy (pdf 3,908Kb) 

AQ 713 T5-506 N1 Jonathan Harmon (pdf 6,720Kb) 

AQ 714 T5-528 N1 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,571Kb) 

AQ 715 T5-536 Michael Casey (pdf 6,608Kb) 

AQ 716 T5-550 N1 Mannin Seafoods Ltd (pdf 3,671Kb) 

AQ 717 T5-554 N1 Richard Courtney (pdf 6,799Kb) 

AQ 718 T5-557 N1 Michael Collins (pdf 6,611Kb) 

AQ 719 T5-558 N1 Atlantic Sea Farms Ltd (pdf 6,633Kb) 

AQ 720 T5-559 N1 Jonathan Harmon (pdf 6,674Kb) 

AQ 721 T5-562 N1 Patrick J Leonard (pdf 6,970Kb) 

AQ 724 T5-82 N1 Greenline Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,847Kb) 

AQ 725 T5-82 N2 Greenline Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,855Kb) 

AQ 726 T5-82 N3 Greenline Shellfish Ltd (pdf 6,941Kb) 

AQ 727 T5-82 N4 Greenline Shellfish Ltd (pdf 7,179Kb) 

AQ 728 T5-172 N1 Michael O'Neill (pdf 7,036Kb) 

AQ 729 T5-172 N2 Michael O'Neill (pdf 7,304Kb) 

AQ 730 T5-172 N3 Michael O'Neill (pdf 7,123Kb) 

AQ 731 T05-211 N1 Patk & Daniel Murphy (pdf 3,989Kb) 

AQ 732 T5-211 N2 Patk Murphy (pdf 4,030Kb) 

AQ 733 T5-212 N1 Patk Murphy (pdf 3,523Kb) 

AQ 734 T5-239 N1 Michael Ann and Dominic Casey (pdf 3,709Kb) 

AQ 735 T5-239 N2 Michael Ann and Dominic Casey (pdf 6,813Kb) 

AQ 736 T5-239 N3 Michael Ann and Dominic Casey (pdf 6,541Kb) 

AQ 737 T5-241 N1 Michael Collins (pdf 6,818Kb) 

AQ 738 T5-243 N1 Denis Whooley (pdf 7,077Kb) 

AQ 739 T5-244 N1 Paddy Leonard (pdf 6,878Kb) 

AQ 740 T5-244 N2 Paddy Leonard (pdf 6,985Kb) 

AQ 746 T5-255 N1 Michael Crowley (pdf 7,054Kb) 

AQ 747 T5-255 N2 Michael Crowley (pdf 6,945Kb) 

AQ 748 T5-255 N3 Michael Crowley (pdf 7,171Kb) 

AQ 749 T5-281 N1 Ronan O'Neill (pdf 7,173Kb) 

AQ 750 T5 - 319 N1 Richard Courtney (pdf 6,869Kb) 

AQ 751 T5 - 326 N1 Atlantic Sea Farms Ltd (pdf 6,821Kb) 

AQ 752 T5-326 N2 Atlantic Sea Farms Ltd (pdf 7,294Kb) 

AQ 753 T5-353 N1 Raymond Duggan (pdf 7,238Kb) 

AQ 763 T5-05B Frank O'Dwyer & Breda Rigney (pdf 4,742Kb) 

AQ 764 T5-05C Frank O'Dwyer & Breda Rigney (pdf 4,721Kb) 

AQ 765 T5-05D Frank O'Dwyer & Breda Rigney (pdf 4,862Kb) 

AQ 782 T5-483B Frank O'Dwyer & Breda Rigney (pdf 8,547Kb) 

AQ 783 T5-483C Frank O'Dwyer & Breda Rigney (pdf 8,342Kb) 

AQ 784 T5-568 N1 Frank O'Dwyer & Breda Rigney (pdf 8,617Kb) 

AQ 785 T5-549A Frank O'Dwyer (pdf 8,199Kb) 

AQ 789 T5-311 N1 Colin Whooley (pdf 4,121Kb) 

AQ 790 T5-311 N2 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,931Kb) 

AQ 791 T5-311 N3 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,877Kb) 

AQ 792 T5-311 N4 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,771Kb) 

AQ 793 T5-311 N5 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,888Kb) 

AQ 794 T05-311 N6 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,960Kb) 

AQ 795 T05-311 N7 Colin Whooley (pdf 3,871Kb) 

AQ 711 T5-497 Turkhead Enterprises Ltd (pdf 6,660Kb) 

AQ No 741 T5-254N1 Turkhead Enterprises Ltd (pdf 6,315Kb) 

AQ No 742 T5-254N2 Turkhead Enterprises Ltd (pdf 6,683Kb) 

AQ No 743 T5-254N3 Turkhead Enterprises Ltd (pdf 6,987Kb) 

AQ No 744 T5-254N4 Turkhead Enterprises Ltd (pdf 6,787Kb) 

AQ No 745 T5-254N5 Turkhead Enterprises Ltd (pdf 7,242Kb) 

AQ No 766 T5-252A Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,396Kb) 

AQ No 767 T5-252B Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,484Kb) 

AQ No 768 T5-252C Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,506Kb) 

AQ No 769 T5-252D Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,282Kb) 

AQ No 770 T5-252E Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,690Kb) 

AQ No 771 T5-252F Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,744Kb) 

AQ No 772 T5-252G Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,606Kb) 

AQ No 773 T5-252H Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,639Kb) 

AQ No 774 T5-252I Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,909Kb) 

AQ No 775 T5-252J Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 6,765Kb) 

AQ No 800 T5-569N1 F O Dwyer-B Rigney (pdf 7,384Kb) 

AQ No 801 T5-569N3 F O Dwyer-B Rigney (pdf 7,324Kb) 

AQ No 887 T5-598A Michael Crowley (pdf 5,577Kb) 

ALAB No 001-2014 T5-569 N2 F O' Dwyer -B Rigney (pdf 7,506Kb) 

AQ No 780 T5-474A Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 2,960Kb) 

AQ No 781 T5-474B Sherkin Oysters Ltd (pdf 16,235Kb) 

AQ No 723 T5 - 572 Brian Murnane & John O'Leary (pdf 1,110Kb)