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Bantry Bay

AQ 115 T5-84 Daniel O'Shea (pdf 4,733Kb) 

AQ 183 T5-65 Cormorant Mussels Ltd (pdf 3,711Kb) 

AQ 220 T5-84 Daniel O'Shea (pdf 4,560Kb) 

AQ 268 T5-408 Bantry Bay Mussels Ltd (pdf 2,368Kb) 

AQ 292 T5-427 Rodeen Fishfarms (pdf 4,068Kb) 

AQ 308 T5-425 G & B Barge Operators Ltd (pdf 2,716Kb) 

AQ 477 T5-479 Cornelius Sullivan (pdf 4,318Kb) 

AQ 492 T5-470 James O'Leary (pdf 4,786Kb) 

AQ 562 T5-495 Saltspray Mussel Technology Ltd (pdf 4,354Kb) 

AQ 570 T5-535 Rodeen Fish Farm Ltd (pdf 6,587Kb) 

AQ 572 T5-505 Bere Island Co-Op (pdf 10,488Kb) 

AQ 573 T5-505 Bere Island Co-Op (pdf 10,950Kb) 

AQ 574 T5-509 Bere Island Co-Op (pdf 5,748Kb) 

AQ 593 T5-53 N1 Fastnet Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,785Kb) 

AQ 594 T5-53 N2 Fastnet Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,721Kb) 

Aq 595 T5-53 N3 Fastnet Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,644Kb) 

AQ 596 T5-53 N4 Fastnet Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,815Kb) 

AQ 597 T5-53 N5 Fastnet Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,658Kb) 

AQ 598 T5-53 N6 Fastnet Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,856Kb) 

AQ 599 T5-58 N1 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 7,947Kb) 

AQ 600 T5-58 N2 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 7,988Kb) 

AQ 601 T5-58 N3 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 8,058Kb) 

AQ 602 T5-58 N4 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 7,822Kb) 

AQ 603 T5-58 N5 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 7,193Kb) 

AQ 604 T5-58 N6 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 8,046Kb) 

AQ 605 T5-58 N7 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 8,200Kb) 

AQ 606 T5-58 N8 Seal Harbour Enterprises Ltd (pdf 8,168Kb) 

AQ 607 T5-59 N1 Nunan Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,871Kb) 

AQ 608 T5-59 N2 Nunan Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,896Kb) 

AQ 609 T5-60 N1 Bantry Harbour Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,750Kb) 

AQ 610 T5-60 N2 Bantry Harbour Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,876Kb) 

AQ 611 T5-60 N3 Bantry Harbour Masters Ltd (pdf 7,777Kb) 

AQ 612 T5-60 N4 Bantry Harbour Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,945Kb) 

AQ 613 T5-60 N5 Bantry Harbour Mussels Ltd (pdf 8,084Kb) 

AQ 614 T5-60 N6 Bantry Harbour Mussels Ltd (pdf 7,876Kb) 

AQ 615 T5-67 N1 Southward Ltd (pdf 7,767Kb) 

AQ 616 T5-67 N2 Southward Ltd (pdf 7,735Kb) 

AQ 617 T5-67 N3 Southward Ltd (pdf 7,696Kb) 

AQ 618 T5-67 N4 Southward Ltd (pdf 7,815Kb) 

AQ 619 T5-67 N5 Southward Ltd (pdf 7,858Kb) 

AQ 619 T5-306 Bantry Bay Mussels Ltd (pdf 3,613Kb) 

AQ 620 T5-67 N6 Southward Ltd (pdf 7,744Kb) 

AQ624 T5-433 Saltspray Mussels Technology Ltd (pdf 5,806Kb) 

AQ 630 T5-125 N1 Kieran Ward (pdf 7,681Kb) 

AQ631 T5-125 N2 Kieran Ward (pdf 7,772Kb) 

AQ 632 T5-214 N1 Fundy Shellfish Products Ltd (pdf 7,672Kb) 

AQ 633 T5-214 N2 Fundy Shellfish Products Ltd (pdf 7,506Kb) 

Aq 634 T5-214 N3 Fundy Shellfish Products (pdf 7,691Kb) 

AQ 635 T5-276 N1 Joe Hourihan (pdf 8,194Kb) 

AQ 636 T5-276 N2 Joe Hourihan (pdf 8,512Kb) 

AQ 802 T5-577 N1 Dean Murphy (pdf 5,896Kb) 

AQ 803 T5-547A Daithi O'Murchu Marine Research Station Ltd. (pdf 4,734Kb) 

AQ 1011 T5-464 Rodeen Fish Farm Ltd (pdf 7,527Kb) 

AQ 1012 T5-601A G & B Barge Operators Ltd (pdf 7,674Kb) 

AQ 1009 T05-599A Whiddy Scallops Ltd (pdf 1,106Kb) 

AQ 1010 T05-600A Whiddy Scallops Ltd (pdf 1,240Kb)