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This section contains details of New and Renewal Aquaculture/Foreshore Licence Applications.

Public Consultation Periods exist for each application based on the date of the Public Notice in the relevant Newspaper.  Please contact the Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division for specific deadlines for individual applications as comments received outside the deadline cannot be accepted under the Public Consultation phase.


1. T04/44 Woodstown Bay Application (pdf 3,046Kb) 


2. T04/37A, D South East Shellfish Application (pdf 7,947Kb) 

  1. T04/37E South East shellfish Application (pdf 1,466Kb) 
  2. T04/115B/1 South East Shellfish Application (pdf 2,696Kb) 
  3. T04/122 South East Shellfish Application (pdf 5,190Kb) 
  4. River Barrow and River Nore Appropriate Assessment (pdf 3,025Kb) 
  5. Draft Appropriate Assessment Conclusion Statement (pdf 2,767Kb) 
  6. Ministerial Determination in relation to EIS requirements for South East Shellfish Co-Op Ltd. (T04/37A, C, D and E, T04/115B/1, T04/122) in Waterford Harbour. (pdf 42Kb) 
  7. EIA Screening Assessment South East Shellfish Co-Op Ltd. (T04/37A, C, D and E, T04/115B/1, T04/122) in Waterford Harbour (pdf 260Kb) 


3. T04/112 Hugh Doyle/Paul Bennett Application (pdf 3,511Kb) 


4. T04/113 Andrew Verwijs, Irfish Dunmore East limited Application (pdf 5,909Kb) 


5. T04/117 Peter Barry Application Form (pdf 1,905Kb) 


6. T04/130 Robert Dunne Application form (pdf 3,926Kb) 


7. T04/133 Paul Bennett Application form (pdf 4,022Kb) 


8. T04/134 William Dwyer Application Form (pdf 5,012Kb) 


9. T04/135 Philip Walsh Application Form (pdf 3,637Kb) 


10. T04/136 Anthony Fortune Application form (pdf 4,570Kb) 


11. T04/137 Patrick Moran (pdf 2,991Kb) 


12. T04/138 Patk. Moran & Anthony Fortune Application Form (pdf 3,196Kb) 


13. T04/139 Patk. Jos. Dwyer, Ballyhack Application Form (pdf 4,205Kb) 


14. T04/140 S.B.S. Ltd (Ffrench/Boutrais) Application Form (pdf 5,214Kb) 


15. T4/150 James Harty Application (pdf 5,310Kb)