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This section contains details of New and Renewal Aquaculture/Foreshore Licence Applications.

Public Consultation Periods exist for each application based on the date of the Public Notice in the relevant Newspaper.  Please contact the Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division for specific deadlines for individual applications as comments received outside the deadline cannot be accepted under the Public Consultation phase.


1.    T12-37 Lough Swilly Shellfish Growers Co-Operative Ltd Renewal Application (pdf 3,039Kb) 

2.    T12-311 Hannigan Fish Trading Ltd renewal application (pdf 2,157Kb) 

3.    T12-328 Steven Brown application (pdf 3,575Kb) 

4.   T12-330 Fresco Seafoods Ltd application (pdf 3,660Kb) 

5.   T12-343 Alan O'Sullivan application (pdf 3,311Kb) 

6.   T12-339 Lough Swilly Wild Oysters Ltd application (pdf 2,142Kb) 

7.   T12-284 Iasc Sliogach Uisce Leathan Teoranta renewal application (pdf 2,858Kb) 

8.   T12-340 Iasc Sliogach Uisce Leathan Teoranta application (pdf 2,096Kb) 

9.  T12-297 Patrick Shovelin renewal application (pdf 2,828Kb) 

10.  T12-251-1 Conor Blake renewal/review application (pdf 3,842Kb) 

11. T12-489 Oisiri Min An Chairn Teoranta application (pdf 2,443Kb) 

12. T12-490 Oisiri Min An Chairn Teoranta application (pdf 724Kb) 

13. T12-491 Oisiri Min An Chairn Teoranta application (pdf 2,607Kb) 

14. T12 - 396 Donegal Oysters Ltd and Donegal Oceandeep Oysters Ltd Application (pdf 487Kb) 

15. T12 - 446 Donegal Aquaculture Services Ltd Application (pdf 652Kb) 

16. John McKinney , T12/177, T12/336A, T12/385A, T12/437A, T12/437B

17.  Anthony Kearney T12/215, T12/420

Donegal 18-35

18. James Walsh T12/229, T12/386A

19. Michael McLaughlin T12/230A, T12/453A, T12/470A, T12/475A

20. Stephen Kearney , T12/231, T12/415, T12/418, T12/429

21. William Coffey , T12/244, T12/353A, T12/383A, T12/454A

22. Philip M Doherty , T12/301, T12/384, T12/352, T12/444

23. James Ball , T12/322A, T12/426A, T12/439A, T12/466A, T12/504A

24. Michael Barr , T12/332

25. Danny McDermott , T12/333, T12/358, T12/436, T12/468

26. Shaun McKinney , T12/355

27.  Bells Isle Seafood Ltd , T12/359, T12/363

28.  Pat McDaid , T12/360A, T12/447A

29. Barr Oysters Ltd, T12/375, t12/434

30. Shaun McDaid, T12/406

31. Patrick Porteous, T12/450

32. Marjorie Doherty, T12/471

33. James Neary, T12/472

34. Tiarnan McDaid, T12/476

35. Andrew Davis, T12/488

36. Michael Farren, T12/473

Donegal 37-41

37. Alan & Cara Byrne T12/227

38. Edward & Philip Ivers T12/369

39. Philip C Doherty T12/427

40. John Boyle T12/364

41. Buncrana Anglers T12/269