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Research Programmes

Ireland is striving to create a world-class research system that drives innovation and economic success. DAFM plays an important role in this vision for the Agri-Food sector, via the publicly funded agri-food research programmes that are in place. The three primary public good research programmes run by DAFM are the Food Institutional Research Measure (FIRM), and the Research Stimulus Fund (RSF) and the programme of Competitive Forestry Research for Development (COFORD).

Side by side with national research programmes, DAFM also provides the National Contact Point and National Delegate for  Horizon 2020 who facilitate increased participation of Irish researchers in first-class, international research.


Whats New


Directory of Research Programmes

  1. Food Institutional Research Measure (FIRM)
  2. Research Stimulus Fund (RSF)
  3. Programme of Competitive Forestry Research for Development (COFORD)
  4. Horizon 2020
  5. Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI's)
  6. ERA-Nets

Call Awards

Call 2014 Awards

Call 2013 Awards (pdf 280Kb) 

Call 2011 Awards (pdf 337Kb) 

Call 2011 - Supplementary Awards (pdf 348Kb) 

Call 2010 Awards (pdf 79Kb) 


Research Policy

1. Agri-Food and Forestry Strategic Research & Innovation Agendas


2. Research Prioritisation


3. Open Access


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