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Felling Landowners are required under the Forestry Act, 1946, to give notice of intention to fell trees, following which prohibition orders are normally served. These remain in force pending the issue of a Limited Felling License, which can include environmental and replanting conditions. General Felling Licenses are normally granted to large estates where a management programme is in place, or in respect of lands to facilitate new planting, or for silvicultural thinnings.

This Section is therefore responsible for;

  • the processing of tree felling licences are required by the forestry 1946 Act
  • liaising with relevant competent authorities ( Local Authorities, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Fisheries Boards) to ensure felling is not incompatible with the protection of the environment
  • setting replanting and preservation conditions and ensuring compliance with obligations
  • Deforestation Accounting
  • investigation and prosecution of alleged illegal felling cases
  • monitoring and regulating of Coillte Teoranta's annual felling and replanting activities
  • monitoring and regulating of felling and replanting activities by private landowners.

Felling Application Forms

Examples of Complete Application Forms

Tree Felling Policy in Relation to Wind Farm Development 

The Forest Service policy on tree felling can be viewed from the following link:

Information and enquiries relating to limited and general felling licences can be sought from

Helen Spencer

Tel: 353-(0)53-9170371

Patricia Cassidy

Tel: 353-(0)53-9170338

Janet Farrell

Tel: 353-(0)53-9165589

Joe O'Donnell

Tel: 353-(0)53-9165509

Sinead Stafford

Tel: 353-(0)53-9170349