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Food Wise 2025

Food Wise 2025, the Report of the 2025 Agri Food Strategy Committee, sets out a cohesive, strategic plan for the development of agri-food sector over the next decade. The Committee has identified that opportunities will arise as a result of significant population growth and greater access to international markets. In addition, the Committee recognises that the increased pressure on global agricultural resources and the environment will offer potential further growth opportunity for the Irish agri-food and fisheries sector.

Food Wise 2025 has harnessed the collective wisdom, foresight and knowledge of leading industry stakeholders and sets a course for the industry of smarter greener growth over the next decade. It foresees a sector that acts more strategically and achieves a competitive critical mass in the international marketplace while targeting more quality conscious consumers who will recognise and reward Ireland’s food producers for their sustainable production and high quality produce.

The long-term vision as set out in the Report is of ‘Local Roots Global Reach’ based on the continued development of the sector where efficient and environmentally-friendly production delivers sustainable export growth on global markets. The Committee believes that achieving this vision will benefit primary producers, processors and the food manufacturing sector, as well as the wider economy.

On the basis of available data and by taking the actions identified in the Report, the Committee has set the following growth projections, which it believes are achievable by 2025:

  • Increasing the value of agri-food exports by 85% to €19 billion.
  • Increasing value added in the agri-food, fisheries and wood products sector by 70% to in excess of €13 billion.
  • Increasing the value of Primary Production by 65% to almost €10 billion
  • The creation of an additional 23,000 direct jobs in the agri-food sector all along the supply chain from primary production to high valued added product development.

To achieve the projections set out above, Food Wise 2025 identifies over 400 recommendations to achieve sustainable growth and these will require a concerted and coordinated approach by primary producers, industry, Departments and State agencies.

The Department has prepared a Food Wise Implementation Plan which forms the final part of the Food Wise strategy process. Food Wise Implementation Plan includes a supplementary list of Food Wise 2025 sustainability actions in response to the final Environmental Analysis. It sets out a robust implementation process, to be driven by a High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC) involving all relevant Government Departments and State Agencies, and chaired by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. This implementation process will seek to enhance the regulatory and administrative environment in which the sector operates, and facilitate the achievement of the sustainable growth potential of the sector set out in Food Wise 2025, thus optimising the sector’s contribution to the economy, the environment and the social wellbeing of the country.

Food Wise 2025

Food Wise 2025 (in PDF format) (pdf 5,520Kb) 

Food Wise 2025 Implementation Plan (pdf 3,050Kb) 


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