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About one-quarter of all non-fatal farm accidents are livestock related. Bulls and cows with new born young pose a significant risk. Being crushed or gored by animals that are being herded, moved, separated, released or loaded onto trailers presents the highest risks.

Cattle Safety

Safety measures when handling livestock:

  • have well designed animal handling and loading facilities
  • use PPE where necessary
  • install well designed calving pens and gates
  • use calving jacks

Bull with Ring and Chain

Safety measures when handling bulls:

  • all bulls should be ringed when 10 months old
  • any field in which a bull is kept should be securely fenced and gates should be safely secured
  • a bull at pasture should have a chain attached to the ring
  • a sign warning of a bulls presence should be displayed at access points to the field
  • consider slaughtering an aggressive bull
  • use a vehicle when herding or moving the herd
  • a properly designed bull pen will allow feeding and bedding to take place without having to enter the pen

Further Information

Health and Safety Authority Agriculture Code of Practice

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