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Update on GLAS payments - 27 April 2018

  • Over 99% of all eligible GLAS applicants are fully up to date with their payments.
  • DAFM is working to prioritise the remaining payments and payment runs continue each week.  €36.8m has issued to date this year with additional payments of over €9m issued in respect of GLAS Training.
  • Approx 1,500 applicants remain ineligible to receive their 2017 advance payment in respect of GLAS scheme year 2017. The reasons for their continued ineligibility are set out below and all participants with outstanding actions have been reminded to complete them as soon as possible if they wish to receive their payment.
  • Preparations are now well advanced to commence the GLAS balancing payments in mid-May.



Current Situation

Next steps

Failure to comply

Submission of a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) by GLAS I and II participants

Failure to submit an NMP prevented the issue of 2016 balancing payment (15%) and the 2017 advance payment (85%).


Reminders by text and letter. Where the NMP remained outstanding these GLAS 1 and II cases were rejected from the Scheme.


200 cases terminated from the scheme. Small number of appeals being processed.

Submission of a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) by GLAS III participants


Outstanding NMP’s for GLAS III participants due by the deadline of 31 March 2018. No further payments can issue until this is submitted.

A text message reminder to submit the plans issued at end-Jan and a reminder in mid- March. Further reminder will issue.

Failure to submit a NMP will prevent the issuing of further payments including the 2017 balancing payments and subsequent payments. If not submitted will result in termination from Scheme after 31 December 2018.

Submission of Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS) forms

103 LESS forms in respect of 2017 remain outstanding.

Applications have now been rejected where LESS was only Priority Env Action (PEA). LESS action has been rejected to allow payment to proceed on remaining actions where applicant can remain in scheme due to further PEAs.

Cases terminated from the scheme where appropriate. Also cases where the action was rejected. Small number of appeals being processed.


Submission of Commonage Management Plans (CMP’s)

A complete Commonage Management Plan (CMP) is required for each commonage over 10 hectares.

Fully complete CMPs are outstanding. Reminder will issue to participants.

Failure to finalise a CMP will result in the action not being payable or termination from the scheme if the action is the sole priority action.

No further payments are issuing to participants, including balancing payments, until CMP is finalised.

Submission of Rare Breeds Record Sheets

Cases where Rare Breeds record sheets remain outstanding after the 30 September 2017 deadline.

A final letter issued to these participants. Incomplete forms also being followed up.

Full rejections and  rejected actions being processed.

GLAS training

Each GLAS I and II participant who has not done so must attend a training course immediately if not already completed. GLAS III participants have until end-December to complete their training.

Text message reminders have issued. Letters to the outstanding GLAS I and II cases have issued.

No further payments can issue to GLAS I and II participants, including balancing payments, until training is completed.

  • DAFM will continue to update weekly on GLAS payments as part of its weekly update on scheme payments issued each Friday.
  • DAFM has a dedicated helpline for GLAS participants and farmers with queries can contact us at 0761 064451. GLAS Division can also be contacted by email at