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Commonage Information File

Latest information

Commonage Extract 23rd November 2016 (xls 3,062Kb) 


(note this file will be updated on a periodic basis)

Earlier versions for reference purposes

Commonage Extract 11th October 2016 (xls 3,027Kb) 

Commonage Extract 1st March 2016 (xls 3,025Kb) 

Commonage Extract 18th November 2015 (xls 2,975Kb) 

Commonage Extract 9th October 2015 (xls 2,648Kb) 

Commonage Extract 14 August 2015 (xls 2,726Kb) 

Commonage Extract 30th July 2015 (xls 2,724Kb) 

Commonage Extract 2nd June 2015 (xls 2,537Kb) 

Commonage Extract 2nd April 2015 (xls 2,637Kb) 

Commonage Extract 4th March 2015 (xls 2,579Kb) 

Guidance Document to Commonage Container (doc 38Kb) 


This information is published exclusively to assist with preparing Commonage Management Plans as part of the Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-environment Scheme (GLAS). It is not intended for use in direct marketing or any other purpose. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of data contained in this publication.

If shareholders have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of their data they can contact the Department.

Lo-call: 076 106 4448
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