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Dont Risk it! - Awareness Raising Campaign, Pest Information Sheets

Dont Risk It Updated 02.08.18 Dual  







Don’t Risk It!

The Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine are promoting a “Don’t Risk it!” awareness raising campaign targeted at travellers, tourists and commercial businesses who are bringing plants, plant products and other high risk items made of plant material into Ireland from abroad.  Our objective is to highlight the social, environmental and economic impact of bringing in infected plant material or quarantine pests and diseases into Ireland. These impacts can be enormous.  For example the olive industry, valued at 10’s of millions of Euro, in particular in Italy has been devastated by Xylella fastidiosa , a disease of South American origin, thought to have been brought into Europe on coffee plants from South America.  The risk pathways for entry into Ireland for these quarantine pests and diseases include commercial and private travellers.  The Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine carries out physical checks on all regulated and high risk consignments of commercial products from outside the EU, however it is not physically possible for DAFM to check every piece of hand luggage that comes through the airports and ports.  Therefore, by educating the public of the risks by targeting the commercial importer to the amateur gardener to the window box herb grower, we will generate awareness of the serious issues and hopefully reduce the number of unchecked plants and plant products stowed away in people’s luggage.  Below we have provided pest information sheets on all the major pests of concern to our island.

What is the "Dont Risk it" Campaign all about? 

International Year of Plant Health 2020

Plant Health & Bio-security Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Plants between Countries

Bloom 2018 - Plant Health Awareness Raising and Bio-security Event

Quarantine Pests / Diseases – Protected Zone

 *protected zone shall be considered to mean a zone in the Community:

— in which one or more harmful organisms referred to above, which are established in one or more parts of the Community, are not endemic or established despite favourable conditions for them to establish themselves there,

— in which there is a danger that certain harmful organisms will establish, given propitious ecological conditions, for particular crops, despite the fact that these organisms are not endemic or established in the Community,

and which has been recognised  by the European Commission as fulfilling the above conditions and on the grounds that the results of appropriate surveys which have been monitored by the experts show no evidence to the contrary.

Quarantine Pests / Diseases – Non-Protected Zone

 Other Pests & Diseases of Concern

Wood Packaging Material

Alien Invasive Species

TreeCheck App

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