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Consultation Process for Statement of Strategy 2016 - 2019

This Department is preparing its Statement of Strategy 2016–2019.

This new Strategy will be prepared having regard to the internal and external environment in which we operate, our ability to adapt to changing circumstances (e.g. Brexit) and the requirement to lead the implementation of Food Wise 2025, Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, and Forestry 2030 together with implementation of the agri-food actions as set out in the Programme for a Partnership Government, the Action Plan on Jobs, the forthcoming Action Plans on Housing, and Regional and Rural Development, the Public Service Reform Plan, the Civil Service Renewal Plan and other relevant overarching policy frameworks.

The Mission of the Department in the 2015-2017 Statement of Strategy was ‘To lead the sustainable development of the Agri food, forestry and marine sector and to optimise its contribution to national economic development and natural environment’.

We would welcome your views most specifically in relation to the following questions:

  • How well do DAFM services meet the needs of agri-food/marine sector (What are we doing well and what could we do better)?
  • What are the forthcoming market and other challenges that we need to address and is our current focus adequate to meet those challenges?
  • Are there opportunities (e.g. new areas of work) which the Department should consider when developing the 2016-2019 Departmental strategy which would advance the achievement of our mission, vision and objectives across the agri-food and marine sectors?
  • What metrics should the department use to measure our performance and monitor achievement of our strategic goals?

We would be grateful to receive your response on the foregoing questions together with any more general views you may have on the strategic direction of the Department and how it can best deliver on its remit[1].

Your response/views should be submitted by email to by Friday, 26 August 2016.


[1]Please note that all submissions received will be available under the Freedom of Information Act and may be published on the Department’s website as part of the Strategy Statement process.