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What's New

This section sets out the latest / most relevant information concerning animal feed.


  • TN 3/2014 (pdf 47Kb) ‌- Protection Measures in relation to Porcine Diarrhoea
  • TN 2/2014 (pdf 34Kb)  - Export of Animal Feedingstuffs to Non-EU Countries - Revised ENF
  • TN 1/2014 (pdf 101Kb)  - Notification of Imports of Feedingstuffs (Follow up to TN 04/2013)


  • TN 8/2013 (pdf 134Kb) ‌ - Export of Animal Feedingstuffs to Non-European union Countries
  • TN 7/2013 (pdf 90Kb) ‌- Compliance of Feed Business Operators with TSE and ABP Regulations
  • TN 04/2013 (pdf 311Kb) ‌- Notification of imports of feedingstuffs
  • TN 03/2013 (pdf 78Kb) - Commission Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 on the placing on the market and use of feed, amending European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 and repealing Council Directive 79/373/EEC, Commission Directive 80/511/EEC, Council Directives 82/471/EEC, 83/228/EEC, 93/74/EEC, 93/113/EC and 96/25/EC and Commission Decision 2004/217/EC


  • TN 08/2012 (pdf 70Kb)  - Transport of feed with coccidiostats or medicines
  • TN 07/2012 (pdf 94Kb)  - Cross-contamination of feed witli coccidiostats or medicines
  • TN 06/2012 (pdf 90Kb)  - Sourcing of Feed and Feed Traceability
  • TN 05/2012 (pdf 50Kb)  - Supply or distribution of surplus food/feed by-products as feed materials for food producing animals