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The Management of the Department

The Management structure of the Department under the Secretary General Mr Aidan O'Driscoll comprises Assistant Secretaries, the Chief Veterinary Officer and the Chief Agricultural Inspector.

To view the Department's organogram please open attached file: DAFM Organogram (pdf 266Kb) 

The structure is given below including reporting Divisions:

Cecil Beamish, Assistant Secretary

  • Seafood Policy & Development
  • Aquaculture & Foreshore Management
  • Marine Engineering
  • Sea Fisheries Administration
  • Marine Agencies & Programmes

Bill Callanan, Chief Agricultural Inspector

  • Climate Change & BioEnergy Policy
  • Crop Safety
  • Crops Evaluation and Certification
  • Plant Health and Horticulture
  • Pesticides Control
  • Pesticide Registration
  • Feedstuffs, Fertilisers, Grain and Poultry
  • Livestock Breeding, Production and Trade
  • Nitrates, Biodiversity & Engineering

Martin Blake, Chief Veterinary Officer

  • Investigations Division
  • Veterinary Public Health Implementation
  • Veterinary Public Health Policy
  • NDCC/Contingency Planning, BIPS, Veterinary Internal Audit
  • Animal Welfare, Animal Medicines and AMR
  • TSE, Animal By-Products & Animal Health Surveillance
  • Veterinary Area Management - South
  • Veterinary Area Management - North
  • Ruminant Animal Health, ERAD, Premises Registration and Animal Identification
  • Animal Identification & Movement
  • Animal Health & Welfare
  • ERAD/Veterinary Medicines
  • Trade & Veterinary Certification
  • Milk & Meat Hygiene & Animal By-Products

Sean Keevey,  Assistant Secretary

  • IMT Direct Farm Payment Systems
  • IMT Animal, Customer, Financials & Fisheries Systems
  • IMT Infrastructure
  • IMT Co-ordination

Kevin Smyth, Assistant Secretary

  • Finance Div & Central Procurement Unit
  • Accounts
  • Horse & Greyhound Racing, and Teagasc
  • Internal Audit Group (oversight role)
  • Agricultural Appeals (oversight role)

Colm Hayes, Assistant Secretary

  • Agricultural Environment & Structures
  • Forest Service
  • Forest Sector Development
  • Forest Service Inspectorate
  • Organics, Market Supports & Locally Led
  • Agri Environment and On Farm Investment
  • CAP Rural Development

Sinéad McPhillips, Assistant Secretary

  • Economics and Planning
  • Meat & Milk Policy
  • Food Industry Development
  • Research, Food and Codex

Brendan Gleeson, Assistant Secretary

  • BREXIT & International Trade
  • EU Division
  • Dairy Controls
  • Permanent Representation Brussels
  • Agricultural Counsellors & Attachés

Donal Sammin, Director of Laboratories

  • Dairy Science Labs
  • Pesticides, Seed Testing and Plant Health
  • Veterinary Public Health Regulation Laboratory
  • Bacteriology
  • Pathology
  • Virology
  • Regional Veterinary Laboratories and Blood Testing Laboratory

Paul Dillon, Assistant Secretary

  • BPS (Inspections; Financial Control; Policy Co-ordination; Risk Management); Beef Data & Genomics Programmes; Commonages; Greening; LPIS Rebuild Project
  • BPS Operations, ANC, KT & Innovation Unit
  • CAP Entitlements & Financial Controls
  • Direct Payments Integrated Controls

Eilís O'Connell, Assistant Secretary

  • Accommodation. ISO, Health & Safety
  • Corporate Affairs, F.O.I., Minister's Office
  • Data Management
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Services
  • Management Services